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How can I Manage My Time?


Time management is not the issue with most people; it is priority management. You must realize that time cannot be managed until priorities are managed first. Do what you can with the time you have while putting off those things you can.

How can I Start with Nothing?


There is no such thing as starting with "nothing". To understand that pure potential is something becomes the first consciousness of success!

How Do I Stay Motivated


Motivation is fleeting. Either you have it or you don't. Instead of trying to keep yourself motivated you should strive to keep your WHY in front of you! When your WHY is bigger than your WHAT you will always stay motivated.

How Do I Discover My Purpose?


Your purpose should always be connected with your passion. Once you find out what you are passionate about you will begin to walk in your purpose.

How Can I Set and Acheive Goals?


You will never hit a target you can't see! If you want to accomplish any goal in life you have to make your goals tangible. The first step to actualization is visualization. Write your goals...get a planner!

How Can I Control Me In Choas?


You can't always control the environment around you, but you can control the disposition within you. You must understand that you are in control of your experience because you are in control of your feelings and emotions.

How Can I Make Better Decisions?


To every decision there is a response to that decision. The key to making better decisions is to not make decisions based on your feelings and emotions. When you can separate the two you will make more informed decisions.

How Do I Influence People?


People support people. As you build your circle of influence you will learn that developing trust from others is one of the first steps to influencing others.

How Can I Grow My Business?


Why is your business not growing? Is it people? Is it product? Is it you? The first step to growing your business is to discover why it is failing.

How Can I Communicate Better?


If you want to speak so people will listen, you must have something to say. The key to becoming an effective communicator is learning to be intentional about the words you use. 

How Can I Manage my Fears?


Fear will do one of two things to a person: it will cause a person to freeze or it will motivate a person to move! Which one does fear push you towards. Identify it and you will learn to manage your fears. Fear can be a good thing.



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