"It's like having a life coach in a book!"

"It's like having a life coach in a book!"

"It's like having a life coach in a book!""It's like having a life coach in a book!""It's like having a life coach in a book!"

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About Coach Wendel

World's Leading Sales, Management and Spirituality Coach

Dr. Wendel T. Dandridge is an entrepreneur , best -selling author, motivational speaker, college professor and the nations #1 Sales, Management and Spirituality Coach. He is a coach whose life & success coaching services have proven to be transformational. A recognized leader in self-improvement, humanitarian initiatives and purpose discovery, he has challenged thousands of individuals around with world to Dare to Dream!

Coaching Services

Certified Sales Professional Certificate


Coaching programs designed specifically for sales professionals. Our services and guidance has grown multi-million dollar companies to double digit sales increases. Real estate agents, CEOs, retail associates, commission sales professionals and more have benefited from this program!

Executive/Management Coaching


Sometimes management can feel like being an adult baby-sitter. Our coaching services are designed to help executives, and management; 1. Become better supervisors, 2. Effectively communicate team needs and 3. Lead with intentional agendas and results.

Spirituality Coaching


Your purpose is connected to your core. Once you accept your spiritual essence you will be able to manifest your heart's desires in the physical world. Our spiritual coaching helps to link the relationship between your internal and external self. Its a journey worth taking.

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